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QuickBookstm Training DVD

QuickBooks is a no-brainer for small-to mid-sized businesses. You save time and money, helping your business run smoothly and efficiently.


Once your QuickBooks is up and running, Poulos Accounting & Consulting Inc. will work with you to handle issues specific to your business, and answer all of your questions and concerns. 


Andrew G. Poulos is the author of the QuickBooks Ultimate Lesson Guide© DVD, a 16-hour training course teaching the fundamentals of QuickBooks. He knows QuickBooks; let him help you.. 


What you will learn:


This comprehensive QuickBooks® course provides

16 hours of training (16 lessons) and explores all functions of the software.

Students can expect to learn the following skills.


  • How to properly create a new company file

  • How to work with chart of accounts

  • How to work with bank accounts

  • How to work with lists, forms, registers

  • How to track expenses paid using credit cards,

  • How to setup assets and track depreciation

  • How to setup customers, create invoices and work with accounts receivable

  • How to setup vendors, pay bills and work with accounts payable

  • How to receive and post customer payments

  • How to create and customize financial reports

  • How to work with inventory

  • How to track and pay sales tax

  • How to create and process payroll

  • How to work with estimates and progress invoicing

  • How to track time, expenses, and mileage

  • How to work with multiple currencies

  • How to customize forms


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for only $139.99  (plus shipping, handling, and applicable taxes)


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Independently reviewed by the Library Journal in Manhattan, NY


Public performance. FINANCE


Poulos, an accountant, a national speaker, and a financial talk-show host, provides a package of learning materials for the popular QuickBooks accounting program. He presents in 16 lessons the basic concepts of QuickBooks, including setting up a new company, entering and paying bills, working with foreign currencies, and doing payroll. Most of the lessons feature Poulos in front of a screen at the head of two long tables addressing about a dozen students. The scenes are interspersed with complementary close-up screens of the QuickBooks program in action. Poulos, who is a forceful and knowledgeable instructor, mixes strong opinions with humor to hammer home his points. Some of the later lessons consist solely of QuickBooks screens with voice-over explanations. Included with the package are 2 computer CD's with review questions, a 140-day trial copy of QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2014 with sample files. The DVDs are best viewed with simultaneous access to a computer running the included QuickBooks training software. Viewers with some accounting background but new to QuickBooks would find their investment of time and money rewarded by these thorough presentations.—Lawrence R. Maxted, Gannon Univ. Lib., Erie, PA

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